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Nermalsystems (pty)lTD

Glass Buildings

Our products and services are developed upon decades of operational experience with broad industry scope. Suitable for any process manufacturing Small to Medium Enterprises, myCore ERPM (Enterprise Resource and Planning Management) is scalable to any sized operation. 

Our Services

ERPM launch, hosting, software design and business analytics

Our Services

Cloud Solutions

Hosted on secure IBMi servers, your data is protected and available anywhere and anytime through a VPN connection.


Our team of Senior Programming and Business Analysts are flexible and cost effective to customise a solution to fit your unique business processes.

Disaster Recovery

Our switchover and backup processes by Edgetec ensures your continuous system availability.

Data Normalisation

Our Business Analysts will assist you with all your data conversion and loading to ensure a seamless migration or fresh start.

Our Products

We offer standard modules included in myCore ERPM with additional customized offerings

Support Consulting

We provide professional consulting to improve layouts, processes and assist you with ISO and other compliance failures.


After 4 years of solid development and testing, myCore ERPM is ready to deliver the value at a fraction of the pricing models of our competitors. Our vision is to empower Process Manufacturing SME's with the informational tools required for growth.

Ready to find out more?

Contact our team to formalise a quotation. We will surprise you with the many options we have to ensure an affordable implementation.

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